All students at the College are issued with a Student Diary. Students in Years 7 to 10 are issued with a Junior Diary and students in Years 11 to 12 are issued with a Senior Diary.

The Student Diary forms an integral part of how students should best be managing and organising their time and studies, both at school and at home.
Students are strongly encouraged to use their diary on a daily basis. The Diary also forms a line of communication between teachers and parents. Parents should check their children’s diary on a daily basis and sign on the appropriate page every Friday. At the beginning of the year, an information session on the importance and use of the diary is presented to all students.

The purpose of the Student Diary is for students to

  • Keep themselves informed with School Calendar events
  • Refer to School Rules and Policies
  • Refer to Student rights and responsibilities
  • Maintain their homework schedule
  • Diarise exams and assessment deadlines
  • Log their student welfare records
  • Log their out of class passes

In the event that a student loses or defaces their diary, a replacement must be purchased.