MADD Night 2015

MADD Night 2015

For the very first time, St Narsai Assyrian Christian College successfully and skillfully mastered its first Music, Art, Dance and Drama night. Thursday the 26th of November saw students of different ages perform ensembles, duets, group performances, and individual performances.

As we aim to make Music, Art, Dance and Drama live within the school we opened the night reflecting on the way they contribute to our lives. We know that Music, Art, Dance and Drama are all outlets for the sanity of our mental and emotional states. They offer expression beyond words and numbers. They offer a unique form of communication between the composer and the audience. They communicate from one world or lifetime to another, sharing deep emotional, mental, social, political and religious opinions that shape and reflect in our society today. From this moment, we encourage you to encourage the creative outlets of our students so that they may contribute to society in a variety of ways. We encourage our students to dare to dream creatively, to move beyond words and numbers and to be passionate in everything they do. We encourage them to fill the world with their opinions and beliefs because they are our future and our future needs leaders that think outside of the box. We encourage them to go beyond their current perceived limitations where they experiment, practice and take a leap of faith because that’s where history is made.

With this in mind, students bravely stood in front of a large crowd and expressed themselves in ways that we don’t usually see in the classroom or the playground. We experienced student artworks that came from their hearts and we witnessed a drama, and I don’t mean the kind that gets you into trouble and we saw students team up and dance as a unit confident and trusting in each other. We saw:

– 7D students perform an ensemble of INXS’ ‘Never Tear us Apart’.

– 7M students perform an ensemble of Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’.

– Jacob Arakelian perform a guitar solo of Avenge Sevenfold’s ‘Bat Country’.

– Year 12 students, Martha Ishak, Jacob Arakelian, Wilsin Alqeshanna and Lidia Ishak.

– Naomi Ishak’s modern expressive improvisation dance.

– Mrs Tatian’s Dance Group who danced to “School’s Out, Let’s Celebrate”.

– Miss Shakir’s Drama Group who performed “Life at SNAC”.

– Chloe Younan performed Adele’s ‘Hello’.

– Chloe Younan and Angela Kelyana teamed up to bring awareness to bullying by performing FAYDEE’s ‘Unbreakable’.

– Five year 7 girls, Jessica Zaia, Elebra Khosho, Chloe Younan, Mariann Narsi and Diyana Moshey, performed John Legend’s ‘All of Me’.

– Zaia Andrews performed Maroon 5s ‘Always You’.

– Matilda Atto, accompanied by Mr Battaro, performed an instrumental violin performance of ‘Amazing Grace’.

– Nina Isaac performed Sia’s ‘Titanium’ accompanied by Mr Battaro.

– Mr Hardman’s year 9 students sung and danced to the ‘Time Warp’.

– Johnny Butrus performed a beatboxing composition of 5 sounds at one time.

– Karen Gogro, Angela Kelyana and Nineveh Khidro performed Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’.

– George Ibrahim, Wilsin Alqeshanna, Zaia Andrews and Mr Battaro performed Thirsty Merc’s ‘Summertime’.

Further, I would like to acknowledge the hard work put in by Mr Peter Battaro, Mr Nenos Youkhanis, Miss Sargina Issac, Miss Angela Shakir, Mrs Victoria Tatian, Mr Chris Hardman and Lina Ishak. I would also like to thank the teachers, parents, families and friends that showed their support. We can’t begin to thank you enough. Thank you to Ivana and Allen Jurcan, GENX Productions (, for their outstanding lighting and sound.  We look forward to the 2016 MADD Night where we will present an even bigger and better show.