Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring any device?
No, only approved devices.

If I flexirent, do I own the device at the end?
This depends on the option you choose.
– You can pay a fee and own the device
– You can choose to keep paying regular amount and get a new device.

Will software be installed on my own device?
Office365 will be available to all students. However, RealCAD and other school software cannot be installed on non-school purchased devices.

What will happen if the device is stolen or damaged?
If the device is purchased through the school (Interlinked website), the device will be covered by 3 year warranty and (for a small extra charge) 3 years insurance that will cover damage or theft.

If finance is arranged through Flexirent, the device will be covered for 3 years against damage and theft.

If you purchase a device from a retail store, unless you pay extra, it will not be covered by insurance or normally not more than 1 year warranty. The school cannot accept liability for damages or loss in this case.