Christmas Concert 2015

Christmas Concert 2015

St Narsai Assyrian Christian College engaged in one of our most valued traditions, on Friday the 4th of December. We celebrated the birth of our Lord through a nativity drama, Christmas Carols and a video understanding the true meaning of Christmas.

Students performed the roles of Mary, Joseph, Herod and his servants, the Angel of the Lord, Angel Gabriel, the Heavenly Hosts, Shepherds and the Three Wise Men. They were accompanied by students and staff who performed Christmas Carols reflecting the important events of each scene. Students together with the college staff worked tirelessly to put on a marvelous production which saw the entire school engaged in singing and the joy that accompanies the birth of our Lord.

I would like to thank all students for their participation. Namely, I would like to thank Isabella Daniel, Donald Yaqo, Kewarkees Sharlam, Ashour Chiba, Allen Odicho, Celine Adou, Sandy William, Marnita Hermiz, Tony Esho, Adorina Ochana, Esho Dinkha, John Goria, Lever Anwar, Miron Al Wakeel,  Julian Jamoo, Mattias Georges, Nenib Ibrahim, Bardesan Gewargis, Ramsin Kasha, Ramen Kako, George Georges, Jacob Arakelian and Martha Ishak. I would like to thank student performers, specifically, Edessa Shmoel, Sara Akram, Zaia Andrews, Jessica Zaia, Elebra Khosho, Chloe Younan, Mariann Narsi, Maria Mooshi, Angela Kelyana, Diyana Moshey, David Oshana, Jacob Yacco, Andrew Dashto, Martin Mooshi, Justin Mirza, Breniel Youkhana, Qusay Kozal, Matthew Toma and Mareel Hurmiz.

I would further like to thank the teachers who made the combined effort to join a staff choir in order to surprise the students with a performance of ‘Joy to the World’. These staff members include Peter Bataro, Brian Parker, Nenos Youkhanis, Mary Younan, Katrina Yip, Stephanie Amanoel, Lynn Middlebrook, Dalia Ishaak, Annie Hormoz, Adwena David, Sara Markovic, Tom Bray and our star singer, Nancy Boulos.

I would also like to share my gratitude with the staff members who dedicated their free time to preparing students for their performances. Particularly, I would like to thank Mary Joseph, Nenos Youkhanis, Adwena David, Sandy Nona, Mary Moushi and the three energetic and animated narrators Ben Khoshaba, Lynn Middlebrook and Aaron Pillay.  Lastly, thank you to all the parents and family members who came to show their support. It hasn’t gone unnoticed and it is highly appreciated. We look forward to seeing you at our next event. May our Lord’s birth be a blessing to each of you and may it fill your homes with joy and comfort as we remember our present and past loved ones.

Please enjoy the following stills. They were taken by the sound and lighting crew from GENX Productions (