‘Change the World’

‘Change the World’

Students in the Gifted and talented class were doing a unit this term on ‘Change the world’. They decided in order for this to happen everyone needs to pitch in and together we can make a change.

Students stayed back Monday Afternoon for a cupcake workshop and baked close to 120 cupcakes to prepare themselves for a cupcake stall. This was done with expectation to raise money for the The less fortunate.

All cupcakes were made with strict requirements as they needed to be dairy free as all are fasting and also contain no traces of nuts due to anaphylaxis.

With my supervision students baked all cupcakes, decorated them and managed to sell them the following day at a cup cake stall.

Students of the Gifted and Talented class managed to raise $222.85 with many thanks to students and staff at SNACC who purchased and kindly donated.

All money raised is going towards World Vision which is what the gifted and talented students chose to donate to.

For students to impact individuals on a personal level they decided to donate all monies in the form of giftsthat were available to purchase through the organisation.

Students have chosen to purchase: 3x chicken and eggs, 3x fast growing seeds, 2x mosquito nets, 2x learning material packs, 2x childhood immunisations and 1x tap for access to clean drinking water for a community. This totalling $230.00.

Students and I  are quite happy with the outcome of this event and are thankful that this organisation does an amazing job at reaching out to people in need all over the world.