CAPA Events

CAPA Events

This term, Year 7 Music students are examining the history of Music in Australia. Our aim for this term is to further technical skills on designated instruments (guitar, keyboard and glockenspiel) whilst learning about the history of Australian music. Songs we have started to learn include ‘The Overlanders’, a piece of music that has been in circulation in a number of versions for over 100 years. The earliest surviving one was current in the 1840s and published in the Queensland Camp Fire Song Book in 1865. Currently, students are learning how to perform Advanced Australia Fair in various arrangements.

During week 3, students completed their Australian Music research task which required them to select their favourite Australian musician or band and create a PowerPoint presentation. I would like to congratulate Year 7 on their effort in completing this task. Well done!

Year 8 Visual Arts students are investigating the representation of animals in various mediums of art. Our focus during week 3 has been the American artist, Megan Coyle. Her artworks often feature large, bold brushstrokes which create a collage like effect. Often she would paint two images on two different canvases. Then she would cut one of the paintings into several pieces and stitch them onto the painting that was in one piece. Year 8 be will be creating an artwork using a method similar to this. The work will feature an animal in a natural environment, such as Megan Coyle’s ‘A Purple Cow’s Paradise’.

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On Tuesday, the 19th of May, Year 7 and 8 students will be attending an incursion which will be led by group of professional musicians. The theme of the incursion is African Drumming. Each student will receive a Djembe (a hand drum) which culminates into a group performance. This will be an enjoyable experience for all students.

I would like to welcome Daniel Babekuhl and Kimmy Russell into our school community. Daniel and Kimmy are the college’s Instrumental Music teachers. There are now over 20 students learning contemporary guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, violin and piano. Lessons are currently held Monday and Fridays from week 2 at the beginning of the school term. Some students have begun preparing music for the St Narsai Assyrian College Music Ensembles. Two ensembles will form later this term – Guitar Ensemble and String Ensemble.

There are exciting times ahead for CAPA students attending SNAC!



Mr. Peter Bottaro

CAPA Faculty